Direct ConneX

Inventory Control Technology

The Direct ConneX System provides a suite of modules for inventory control which allows for the receiving, slotting, replenishment, and management of any number of items to any number of storage locations.

The following functionality can be configured in any combination to increase your warehouse productivity and efficiency.

Location Setup: The Direct ConneX System provides support for many different location types. Locations can be configured with various inbound and outbound handling categories such as eaches, cases, and pallets. Other configuration options include replenishment trigger points, dynamic slotting, pick & drop designations, and more.  Locations can also be assigned to user defined Pick Areas, Pick Zones, and Replenishment Areas.

Slotting: Locations can be assigned item SKUs either through manual assignment or as part of the receiving process if the location is configured with dynamic slotting.  At the time of the assignment the maximum quantity and maximum replenishment quantity are assigned to that location based upon the item that is being assigned. The system allows for operations to assign a single item to multiple locations all at once.

Receiving: The mobile Receiving App allows inbound shipments to be unloaded from the dock door and directed to the correct location for putaway. Based upon integration availability or requirements of the ERP/WMS system, the process include the collection by the operator of purchase order numbers, ASN numbers, lot and expiration numbers some or all of which can be validated with the ERP system as part of the receiving process.

Replenishment: Based upon a location’s configuration, as product is decremented from the location the system will automatically create replenishment requests either internally or to an external system. Users of the mobile Replenishment App will see the work request based upon the Replenishment Area they are logged into and will be directed to move the product accordingly. Replenishments can have up to three levels of configurable escalation points based upon how a location is configured.

Cycle Counting: Cycle count plans can be created in the Direct ConneX System or downloaded from an ERP/WMS scheduler. All counts are blind to the user and are backed by reports of the results. Counting can be done via paper and entered into the Cycle Count Add-On GUI or via the Cycle Count mobile app.  End-of-year physical inventory counts can be done using system wide cycle count plans.

Corrections: Both desktop and mobile versions of Inventory Adjustment and Forced Move allows full control by managers to make any corrections and adjustments required to the system due to missing product, damaged goods, returns, etc.  All adjustments can be communicated to a host ERP/WMS as required. In addition, any user feedback regarding a discrepancy during picking, receiving or replenishment that is detected will flag locations has being discrepant and having a potential issue that may need to be addressed.

The following Add-Ons provide some of the functionality described above:

location maintenance

Location Maintenance
This Add-On can be used to configure and add locations to the system. All items may be filtered by Location, Type, Sequence Id, or Status to quickly find the required locations. Multi-edit capabilities allow users to configure and setup blocks of similar locations all at once.

location slotting

Location Slotting
This Add-On can be used to assign items to locations. The system can be configured to allow items to be assigned to multiple locations throughout the warehouse. The Item Overview screen provides a quick view of every location an item is assigned across all location types.

replenishment management

Replenishment Management
This Add-On allows a manger to monitor all replenishment and move requests that have been completed or that are currently active in the system. Requests are usually processed based upon priority by hand held devices directing the put-away and replenishment.

cycle counting

Cycle Counting
A collection of Cubing Add-Ons provide a process for maintaining accurate item counts across your locations.

cycle counting mobile