Direct ConneX

About Direct ConneX

At DirectConneX we strive to provide intelligent warehousing and distribution automation solutions for all of our clients. And with an overwhelming number of technologies available today in the material handling industry, we help match your current and future warehousing needs to the solutions that make the most sense for your operations.

Our 3-Step Process

We create a more efficiency way of doing things by walking our clients through a three-step process to help uncover their better way. This process includes the following:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive engineering study to better understand you unique operations and facility needs.

  2. Strategically select the proper material handling technology and equipment to meet those needs.

  3. Install the intelligent, configurable software to drive efficiency in your operations.

Our Core Principles

The three step process above has been developed out of our core principles, which are as follows:

Less is More 
More automation does not always equate to better solutions. For this reason, we believe in taking the time in advance to accurately assess our client’s needs before implementation.

No Job is Too Big (or Too Small) 
Whether you have 7 or 17,000 employees, any company can benefit from a well-executed material handling system plan. These benefits can develop from the proper balance of system design, functional software, and operational experience.

Change Is Good
The most efficient companies recognize that warehouses and their distribution operations are never static. They are the life-blood of your company, which is why we make our systems as modular and easy to configure as possible. This allows for growth and change as the needs arise from your business to do so.

Our History

With over fifty-years of experience in the material handling industry designing, developing and executing systems integrations across the country, the team at DirectConneX brings years of solutions and innovation experience to your applications.

From equipment selection to software development and controls solutions, our main focus is to ensure that each client receives the best possible, cost-effective order fulfillment solution design to meet their specific needs for both immediate and future planning.