Direct ConneX

Warehouse Management Equipment Integration

Once we establish that there is a better way to do things in your operation and complete an in-depth material handling engineering study and system analysis, our next step is to create a better way that works for you.

Using our knowledge and experience serving a wide range of material handling applications, will help you make informed decisions as to what technologies, software and material handling processes would provide the most benefit for your warehousing needs both now, and in the future.

Equipment Selection

Understanding your technology and software needs is only part of what we do here at DirectConneX. The layout, equipment and integration of the system can be equally impactful on your overall throughput.

With decades of experience designing and integrating material handling systems we will recommend the best equipment to pair with your specific technology to achieve the fastest and most impactful results.

Here are some of the core equipment types that we integrate with our controls and software to increase your efficiency and productivity: