Direct ConneX

Core Module Technology

Quality, Stability, Compatibility and Flexibility

Each product developed in the Direct ConneX software suite is created with the methodology of standardization and expandability. Our core modules are designed to provide a proven, stable platform on which customer specific interfaces, Add-Ons, and graphics can be quickly added.

All of our products are developed for the Microsoft platform which so many users and IT professionals are familiar with. In addition, each system integrates seamlessly with existing ERP/WMS systems and material handling controls systems.

Though each system has the flexibility of mixing and matching add-ons, the core modules provide the following functionality across all systems:

add-on launcher

Add-On Launcher 
The Add-On Launcher is the main GUI for all the installed Add-Ons including the following Core Modules Add-Ons

user maintenance

User Maintenance 
This Add-On gives you full control over users accounts including who has access to specific Add-Ons.

system analyzer

System Analyzer & Log Viewer 
The Log Viewer section of this Add-On provides visibility to all the logged events generated in the system, whether the business logic Services running on the server, an Add-On running on a workstation on the floor, or any of the Mobile Apps running on hand held devices. The Input and Output Message Queue Viewer sections provide visibility to all messages to and from any integrated system and the DCX System.

service manager

Service Manager
This Add-on provides a simple and efficient way of starting and stopping any of the business logic Services running on the server from any workstation out on the floor. It also allows real-time monitoring of any of the Services running on the server.

system settings

System Settings
This Add-On provides a single point of control over all the SystemSettings installed in the System. Changes to a setting will alter the functionality of the System as described by the setting description.

Other advantages include the ability to interface to ERP/WMS and control systems in many different methodologies and technologies such as but not limited to: fixed length flat-files, de-limited files, XML, etc. via file transfer, FTP, TCP/IP sockets, database transfers, MessageQueues, WebServices, etc.