Direct ConneX

What We Do


Warehouse Management Systems

Enhancements to the supply chain to optimize the movement and storage of materials within your warehouse or distribution center.

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Warehouse Controls Systems

Improving the efficiency and coordination of material handling sub-systems to provide a comprehensive view of warehouse operations.

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Warehouse Execution

Improving the success of the existing management and controls systems through intelligently-designed automation processes.

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Is There a Better Way?

At Direct ConneX we strive to provide intelligent warehousing and distribution solutions for all of our clients by repeatedly asking: Is there a better way? This approach is brought into all three steps of our typical job.

  • An engineering study to better understand your needs
  • The proper selection of material handling technology to meet those needs
  • Intelligent, efficient, and configurable software to drive the operations

Through this process, we are consistently finding creative ways to use warehouse software solutions to supplement and even expand the functionality and throughput of existing processes for warehousing and distribution centers nationwide.

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